The Kinsey Report

Alive 90.5 (2CCR-FM)

Alive 90.5, formerly 2CCR-FM is a community radio station serving the Parramatta, Holroyd and The Hills areas in Sydney's greater West. Information on the station, including the on-air guide can be found at You can Listen Live to the station from a link on the webpage.

The Early Days

I was visiting the Northern Districts Educational Centre in Beecroft in 1984 when I came across a flyer for a meeting for Ryde Regional Radio. I decided to attend the meeting. I spoke to Jenny Gray who advised me that I was out of their area, but gave me some leads regarding radio in the Parramatta area. I contacted Enrico Burrato and Bill Mathews who had been part of the consortium called Cumberland Broadcasters, trying to obtain a commercial radio licence for Western Sydney. This was won by 2WS. I also contacted Phillip Ruddock, who, unfortunately had archived his records dealing with the radio applications. A few months later i was contacted by Geoff Gough. He had also contacted Philip Ruddock, who had passed on my details to him. We met, arranged and advertised a public meeting at the Granville Town Hall. There were seven attendees present including Peter and Robert Herlinger and Mike Smith. We decided to call another meeting in Parramatta and to do more investigation into applying for a Community Radio licence. At that meeting it was decided to formalise the organisation. I suggested the name Cumberland Communit Radio. Peter Herlinger was elected Chairman, I was elected his deputy, Geoff Gough was elected Secretary and Mike Smith Treasurer. Also present at that meeting were a number of people who were to play an important part in the road to the obtaining the radio licence including Mark Drumgold, Trevor Eastlea and Peter Worthington. At about the same time, another group called Parramatta Regional Radio headed by Brian Zana and Kevin Roeher were also interested in establishing a local community radio station. We tried to negotiate with then with the objective of having a combined stronger group, but they were not interested. After a few months a breakaway group from PRR was formed called Radio West. It included Glen Woddington and Paul Alliot. They did one test broadcast. We contacted them and they agreed to amalgamate with CCR. TO BE CONTINUED
Updated  18 January 2022