The Kinsey Report
Updated 05 April 2024



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The Flames

In the history of South African Music, The Flames must rank in the top echelon of performers and recording artists

The Invaders

When one thinks of the music of the 60s and 70s, one of the first bands that comes to mind is The Invaders.

The Cheyennes

When this group started in the early 60s it was originally called The Shyannes

The Raiders

The Raiders were probably the most successful band from Durban in terms of record sales.

The Golden City Dixies

was the launchpad for many artists.
The Insects There was something special about the sound The Insects produced in their live performances as well as their recordings
The Wild Things The Wild Things were rated as one of the best South African “soul” groups operating in the 60s.
The Big 4 Another four-piece band that was popular among the dancing crowds.

The Rebels

The Rebels had in Essop Ganie, one of the most dynamic performers as their lead singer.
The Jets The Jets could be classed as South Africa’s answer to The Shadows. They played mainly instrumentals
El Toros This group was centred around the Greenwood Park area

Steve Fataar

An original member of The Flames, a singer and guitarist who is still performing on a regular basis

Edries Fredericks

is blessed with a wonderful soulful voice which he has used to great advantage throughout his career as a member of The Flames as well as a solo artist

Blondie Chaplin

One of the most successful musical exports from South Africa, recognised for his soulful single and great guitar work

Ricky Fataar

He started playing the drums when he was only 9 years old and is now considered one of the world’s finest drummers

Bernie Brown

was a member of Lunar Five. Then he joined the Golden City Dixies and went on to greater things in Europe and Australia

Zayn Adams

One of the most talented and successful artists to come from Cape Town

Jayson Jay King

A pioneer of the South African entertainment industry, Jayson is still performing after 60 years

Virginia Lee

South Africa’s Singing Sweetheart

Vivienne Kensley

What a talent. If she had been given the opportunity, she would have been an international success

Jerry Junior

and The Bluebirds started theircareers in the Stanger/Verulem area

Errol Johnson

Singer and guitarist with The Big 4

Richard Jon Smith

One of the most successful South African artists of the 70s who went on to overseas success