The Kinsey Report
Updated 23 June 2024
Bernie started singing at the tender age of four in Cape Town, South Africa. With a mixed heritage which includes Black African, Dutch, German, Swedish and Creole, he was branded one of South Africa’s ‘Coloures’ and the lucrative South African pub and club circuit was automatically off bounds to performers of his skin tone. In 1968, he applied for immigration to Australia but his application was unfortunately rejected. The ultimate disappointment came in 1969 when he was stripped of his Record of The year Award for a Graham Beggs composition entitled ‘In a Matter of a Moment’. They said he could not attend a “Whites only’ award ceremony. Consequently, Bernie became increasingly outspoken against the ‘Apartheid’ regime especially in 1970 when he performed with Afro-American Soul singers Percy Sledge and Adam Wade. This lead to him being warned by the South African authorities and asked to leave the show. Despite successful albums with his band ‘The Lunar Five’ and number one hits, he left his homeland for Mozambique then on to Swaziland, Angola and eventually Portugal. In 1975, he joined a band called “Trans Europe Express in Denmark. A year later, he was taken to Nashville USA where he managed a night club called ‘Show ‘n Sound’ and sang with the James Brown Band. He also performed with the Ray Charles Band in 1977 in L. A. introduced to him by the band’s lead trumpeter Tommy Cortez. Here he launched his speaking/acting career.

Bernie Brown

He later returned to Europe where he worked as an entertainer and speaker. During his stay here, he picked up numerous European languages including: German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French. In the early 80’s, he landed a contract with the ‘Platters’ and in 1985, he had a number one hit with a song he co-wrote called ‘Smile Always Smile/Time’s Runnin’ Out’. He met his wife Tinne a Danish flight attendant with ALITALIA Airlines in Rome 1983 and his son Bryan was born there in 1985. In December, 1986, he and his family immigrated to Australia to reunite with his brother John who was living in Sydney. During his stay in Sydney, he did one or two TV shows where he met Julie Anthony, Bert Newton, Ernie Siegly and other celebrities. In 1987, he landed a contract with Wrest Point Casino in Hobart, Tasmania and Launceston Casino. In 1988, he and his family moved to the Gold Coast where he performed at the ‘Avenue’ and the ANA hotel for 4years as a vocalist/pianist/showman. He also undertook numerous speaking engagements during this time. He is as comfortable singing jazz, pop, country and own compositions as he is singing Pavarotti. He is also an uncanny impersonator of various artistes including Elvis, Tom Jones, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Johnny Mathis etc. In 1996, he wrote, produced and composed a children’s audio book and play entitled ‘The Adventure of Rainbowman’ which he registered with ASCAP (American Society for Composers Authors & Publishers). Between 1993 & 1996, he completed his B.A at Griffith University G. Coast and Grad. Dip. Ed. At QUT Brisbane. From then on he worked as a teacher /performer/composer/speaker all around Qld. In 2014, he spent some time in Shantou, China teaching English and Cultural Studies