Brighter Promotions
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Brighter Promotions

Brighter Promotions was established by Peter Marcus, John Henry and Bing Kinsey with the aim of organising and running dances and variety shows. Peter Marcus was the instigator of the venture which lasted about six years. The name was suggested by me at one of our first meetings. Brighter Promotions ran the Durban Debutantes Ball at the Durban City Hall for 5 years. A special function for all debutantes was usually held about a month after the ball, often at the Bon Chance Restaurantand Dance Club . Dances were also held in Pietermaritzburg, Verulem and Stanger. Brighter Promotions were also responsible for bringing The Invaders and The Lyceum Combo for their first tours to Durban.
Peter Marcus Olive Clothier, Peter Marcus, Lorraine Johnson,  Bing Kinsey, Marlene Lawson
Updated 10 February 2018

Photos from the Durban Debutante Balls held at the Durban City Hall