The Kinsey Report
Edries Fredericks Edries has been blessed with a wonderful soulful voice which he has used to great effect throughout his career. Edries replaced Eugene Champion in The Flames. He brought a new dimension to the group with his soulful interpretation of songs. After a successful stint with the group he left to establish a career outside music, but he was not completely lost to the scene. He recorded Stand By Me which became his second signature song. Edries and I were among the first DJs in the Durban area. With his wife Sally assisting old-fashioned disco sessions were held at the Sydenham Hotel. In the 80s he returned to the music scene firstly as a member of In Formation, which might have classed as one of the supergroups as it was initially made up of some of the legends of older groups. Edries also ventured into solo and collaborative work with artists like Steve Fataar, Kreme and particularly, Ortel Singh. He has been an inspiration and mentor to the new breed of performers.
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Hear Edries singing Stand By Me and Look Away on the TMO Recordings page
Updated 05 April 2024