The Kinsey Report
Errol Johnson Errol Johnson’s interest in music began when he heard Harry Naidoo sing and play guitar. He asked Harry to teach him to play the guitar. To which Harry agreed provided Errol bought a guitar, which he did for R5.00. The two clicked and started performing in concerts. Jaya Reddy heard about the group and asked if he could join, so the Keytoppers became a trio. A little later David van der Merwe was added and they continued to perform for about a year before the group disbanded. After leaving The Keytoppers, Errol Johnson formed a group called The Dots with Joe Pather and Rene de Klerk. This group didn’t last long and Errol then joined The Five Pennies who played regularly at The Moon Hotel. Unfortunately he had to leave the group because of illness. Errol met Peter Schultz and the two guitarists started practicing together with drummer Peter Oliver. Mac Bonhomme was added and the Big 4 started to get gigs using rather basic instruments. They soon realised that they were not going to progress unless they upgraded and so they invested in new equipment including better amplifiers and a Fender Stratocaster guitar. A decision was made that Errol Johnson should play lead guitar as Errol Schultz sang lead on most numbers. The Big 4 established themselves as one of the top groups with regular gigs at The Lion Match Factory dances as well as at hotels such as The Moon in Clairwood. (For more information on The Big 4 click here)
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Updated 05 April 2024
The Keytoppers