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Record Stores Record shops are an important link in the music chain. Bothners in West Street was a popular spot to be at on a Saturday morning. LM Radio used to run contests with records as prizes. Draws took place at 10:00 AM on Saturdays at Bothners and there were many teenagers there hoping to win. I was lucky on two occasions. OK Bazaar, also in West Street, supported local artists and always purchased records that were produced by TMO. The Record King in Ajmeri Arcade was probably the biggest seller of records. They also produced their own records on the Diamondtone label. Mahomedys in Berea Road was a popular hangout for record lovers. Raj Records was adjacent to the Raj Cinema. Mohamed Gany was the popular retailer who encouraged local artists producing a number of successful albums. Mohamed Gany later ran the popular Underground Den.
Updated 05 April 2024