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The Shyannes/Cheyennes When this group started in the early 60s it was originally called The Shyannes. It was primarily a guitar-based rock band but over the years it evolved into a much more versatile band performing a wider range of musical styles. The new progressive group changed its name to The Cheyennes. The group performed widely throughout South Africa performing to all types of audiences of different racial groups. They recorded an album with The Fire Birds and Phillip Malela, as well as a number of singles which had limited release. The following line-up was the most stable Henry 'Monks' Leggat on bass Selwyn Harry on drums Eugene 'Jik' Manick on sax Babs Frank on lead guitar Lance Saunders on keyboards (Thanks to Reaz Moorad for the photo and line-up information Thanks also to Lance Saunders for the recordings and to Tertius Louw for the label details)
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The Cheyennes
Music Sky High Never My Love/Never Can Say Goodbye with The Firebirds A Man’s World Featuring Phillip Malela
Updated 05 April 2024
Here’s a tribute to The Cheyennes. It was written and sung by the then 18 year old DJ ReazMatazz at Club Lipstick - Roadhouse Hotel on the night of the 20th of September 1986. Cheyenne Rap
The following two recordings can be heard and viewed on the Marq Vas Youtube channel. Click on the image of the record to view