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The following recordings made by Talent Mirror Organisation. All tracks were produced by Bing Kinsey who also composed the Russell Feldman songs. John McKenzie co-produced the recordings by The Rising Sons and Jimmy Moss co-produced the Judy Allen recordings. All records were released on the Mirror label, with the following exceptions: Like Strangers/Love is Strange and Stand By Me/Look Away were re-issued on the Diamondtone label Cu Cu Ru Paloma/The More I See You was issued on the Raj label.
Like Strangers  The Big 4 Love Is Strange   The Big 4      Mockingbird                            The Big 4                One More Time  After The Dance  The Big 4 Good Good Loving  The Big 4 Crying Time                The Insects                Cry To Me  I’ll Take You Where The Music’s Playing  Rescue Me  You’ve Got Your Finger In My Eye  Butterfly Red, White and Blue  Stand By Me                 Edries Fredericks         Look Away  Mr Wishing Well               El Toros                    The Bounce  Is This What I Get For Loving You?  I Can’t Grow Peaches on a Cherry Tree  Judy Allen Hey Girl                   The Rising Sons     The Coming Generation  Cu Cu Ru Paloma        The Blue Ricks       The More I See You  Yo-Yo A Go-Go  Russell Feldman & The Hitch-Hikers Mummy Won’t You Buy Me a Yo-Yo  My Prayer  Wally Samuels and The Metros Skye Boat Song
Updated  10 May  2022